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Not sometime ago, a buddy of my own sent me a contact asking for my estimation on whether a website he had been developing ought to be done utilizing WordPress, LIGHT, or OR NET. NET. I’ve used all those, but will always be so centered on the particulars and understanding them which i never really considered the excellent question associated with “What technology ought to be used for any given website? “. That’s such a great question which i decided to place my ideas on paper as well as help supply some training to other people.

Some people do not have the abilities and capability to actually have the ability to choose the best technology. They know something and that will have to become made to operate in just about all cases. That isn’t necessarily poor, but it is nice every single child switch in between technologies in line with the type associated with site. The main thing to recognize in site development is that certain technology doesn’t fit just about all.


I’ve several internet sites currently operating WordPress. I originally considered WordPress as only a blogging system. While that is definitely its primary use as well as what it’s optimized with regard to, you will surely use it to produce a more “traditional” looking site. It is extremely configurable and you will find loads of customized plug-ins available that may permit you to add RSS OR ATOM feeds, SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION tags, voting, and so on. Since WordPress is actually developed utilizing PHP as well as MySQL, it’s also possible to produce your personal plugins as well as customize your website template. Oh yea, and this is the other extremely awesome point about WordPress — the actual templates! You will find literally a large number of free WordPress templates readily available for download. If you cannot find one which fits the actual theme of the site than you are not looking difficult enough.

Another good thing regarding WordPress is that you could easily find website hosting providers which support WordPress. Generally, you may click a good install link and also have WordPress correctly installed in your site in a couple of seconds. Then you navigate to the WordPress administrative console as well as configure your website. It is actually all super easy. You may upload several templates as well as easily change between all of them. It can also be easy to create minor changes towards the templates (such as changing label lines, colours, etc. )#).

The other advantage of WordPress is that it’s a running a blog platform and the various search engines love weblogs. You may configure your own WordPress set up to instantly ping a number of blogging services if you add a brand new post or even page. This way they know your website has changed plus they should arrive index your website again. If you would like your site found then utilizing WordPress since the underlying engine is a great option.


In case you do not know, LAMP means Linux-Apache-MySQL-PHP, the industry very typical and powerful group of technology components employed for building internet sites (as well as did We mention totally Open Supply and free of charge! )#). If you would like complete manage over your site, then LAMP is a great option. There are many examples, free of charge scripts, and so on. available on the internet site to obtain started. There’s also plenty associated with free publishers and tools that will help you along. The drawback of LIGHT is that it’s hard that you should create your personal development “environment”. Since the majority of us run a few flavor associated with Windows because our desktop operating-system, we will have to use something similar to VMWare or even Virtual PC to produce a virtual device running Linux. The following challenge gets all the components correctly installed. As the installers for that LAMP elements have certainly improved, they nevertheless don’t compare towards the ease associated with installing the Windows-based software. The following challenge along with LAMP is actually debugging. It might be nice if all of us wrote ideal code, but the truth is you need a chance to debug. You will find PHP debuggers obtainable. A great one will cost you some cash though.

Among the best things regarding LAMP is that we now have TONS of website hosting providers available that you should pick through. The reason is very simple — LAMP is totally open supply, so it there’s very small cost for that hosting organization to keep. That indicates more margin on their behalf!


Microsoft’s factor to site development is actually ASP. INTERNET. You may use any. INTERNET language (C#, VB. INTERNET, Python. INTERNET, etc. )#) to build up an OR NET. NET dependent site. For me, the smartest thing about OR NET. NET may be the fact you should use Microsoft Visible Studio for you personally development device. Visual Studio is the greatest tool available. Yes, this costs cash, but you certainly get that which you pay with regard to. The additional nice point about OR NET. NET is that you could easily develop in your Windows-based desktop computer or laptop computer.

It is actually harder to locate a good OR NET. NET web hosting provider. Think me, I have looked! And I have used a number of different ones. The actual ASP. NET companies lag at the rear of the LIGHT providers when it comes to what they provide. You should also be cautious and really know very well what the supplier means by such things as “host limitless # associated with domains”. Oftentimes they simply mean you could have an limitless # associated with domains indicate your single site. That most likely isn’t what you need.

I mentioned using Visual Facilities before. That tool rocks ! and can make development SOOOO easier. I did a substantial amount of development utilizing LAMP as well as got a few sites installed and operating. I utilized Eclipse having a PHP plug-in also it worked very good. I did not have Apache operating or Linux, therefore couldn’t truly debug however I nevertheless managed. When this came time to produce a more advanced site, however, I quickly chose to switch to ASP. INTERNET and make use of Visual Facilities. Debugging was easy and the actual coding had been made easier thanks in order to Intellisense as well as Visual Studio’s capability to “import” internet services and make sure they are easier personally to phone from my personal code.

Making the best choice

Each from the technology choices has benefits and drawbacks. If you need to get a website up rapidly and it will likely be displaying fundamental information (textual content, images, video) after that WordPress is a good option. If you prefer a more advanced site but don’t wish to spend a lot money upon development resources, then LAMP is the greatest choice. Lastly, if you curently have Visual Facilities or understand. NET encoding, then OR NET. NET is a great option. If you are really lucky and may know just about all three you’ll be able to use the best tool for that job regardless of what.

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